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Hey everyone! How are you? :3

I've been recently revamping my old YouTube channel and reuploading new material. 
My plan was to answer a lot of frequently asked questions on camera, do tutorials, play games and maybe also teach japanese/do a cultural bit.  O: 
Ever since my project (Crash 'n' Burn) has been completed, I've been using my free time to teach myself some editing and the sort...

I'd truly appreciate if you check it out (subscribe/like or share♥) my videos. :3 

If you have any wishes, suggestions or thoughts, I'd love to hear! 
Right now I am struggling to find out how to set everything up properly and get things running.Crai 2 by Emoji-kun With your input I will get a better idea where I am heading perhaps, so don't be shy!
Also, I am aware my mic is crap, so I am wondering what to get to replace it. (either a proper camcorder since I am using a photocamera with video function, or a separate mic)

ANYWAY, long story short, I hope you'll enjoy the (few) videos I already uploaded! Let me know what you'd like to see else. Free Kaomoji Two! by KawaiiPosts

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Hi guys,

personally I am someone who doesn't like drawing fanart much but lately I have been wondering if I should attempt it from time to time.
When you think fanart combined with my art, which series comes to mind? What do you think would look good in my style? 
I personally don't follow what's new and popular, and all the ones I pick are totally obscure to most... But I was curious if some of you have had any ideas or wishes (no guarantee I will draw them, but brainstorming for now!). :3 

There's also a possiblily I will open up commissions soon, so just a heads up
Also, prints. If you have any requests, feel free to let me know!

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Update: Thanks everyone who visited! the video should be up soon. C:

Hello everyone, 

firstly thank you so so much for all the lovely birthday wishes, I am still reading through all of them, but there seems to be no end! :heart: (Also thanks for the points, cake, sub and llamas too! You spoil me so~ ´v `)

Last few years I have always had a little livestream on my birthday, so I'd like to do the same this year. :3 I have a bottle of beer waiting to be cracked open, and I'd love to hang out with you guys, listen to music, chat, sketch and generally be silly. 
My channel is open for all, so there's plenty of room!

When: Monday, Feb. 3rd 2014, at 8pm German time. (That's GMT+1) You can check what time it is for you here!
Where: >>Right here<<
What to bring: Good mood! 
Dress Code: Anything as long as you're not naked.

See you there~ :la: :iconlovelyheartsplz:

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[I am visiting a Manga school in Hamburg in January to give a guest talk. Sorry this is all in German!]
Wichtiges 'Update! Zeitverschiebung: Der Workshop wurde um eine Stunde vorgezogen!

Hallo meine Lieben!  

Am 30. Januar werde ich in Hamburg sein und dort bei MangaHamburg (Website) um 16-18h 15-17h einen Gastvortrag bzw Workshop halten! 
Da ich noch nie in Hamburg war, freue ich mich natürlich sehr über die Einladung und hoffe, dass ich viele von euch dort vor Ort treffen kann! ^w^

Ich bin mir nicht ganz sicher, wie man sich dafür anmeldet, aber schreibt doch einfach Manga Hamburg an. Entweder über e-mail, DA notes oder ihrer facebook seite

Wir sehen und hoffentlich dann!
Free Kaomoji Two! by KawaiiPosts♥ 

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FAQsmall by Zombiesmile

Been getting a lot of the same questions, so I’m putting together this post to link to in the future. :>

What is your job/What do you do exactly?
I am a freelance comic artist. I draw anything clients ask of me: Cover art (CD/Film/Books), writing/pencilling/inking/colouring of comics and manga, game/film concept art, storyboards, character design, workshops, logo designs, mascot designs, TV host (comic/manga/japan/game related).

I do both private and commercial commissions since about 2006.

How long have you been drawing for?
I have always been drawing since childhood, I just never stopped. :) I started drawing professionally around 2006-2007.

Where did you study art?
I am self-taught and have not studied art in a school or university.

Where should I study art/which college do you recommend?
Since I don’t have any experience with this, I don’t think I am fit to answer such important questions for you. I think you should research and find a place that suits you and your plans for the future best.

What tools do you use?
These are my favourites and most used tools:

  • Pencils: H for rough sketch and mechanical pencil 0.5 (lead: B) for clean sketch.
  • trad. inks: Copic multiliner 0.05 or 0.1, 
  • trad. colours: Polychromos by Faber Castell, Copic Ciao, white gel pen Uni-ball signo broad. (Still looking for a thinner alternative)
  • dig. work: Paint Tool Sai, Photoshop CS5

What tablet do you use, and what would you recommend a beginner?
I use a Wacom Inutos 5 Touch, size L. I only have tested Wacom products such as the bamboo, the cintiq (13, 22 and 24) and intuos 3, so I can really only recommend this brand. The Bamboo is price-wise a good place to start I think, but you will have to find out what size works best for you. (personally I like medium to large!)

I want to make my own comic. where do I start? what do I do?
The first step is to write a story.  Here’s a guide to how I make my own comics.

What’s your favourite manga?
Manga: Berserk, hands down. I really like Dark fantasy in general!

What’s your favourite Anime?
Berserk again, both the old Anime series and the new Golden Age Arc are my favourites.

Who influenced you artistically?
Yoshihiro Togashi (Yuu yuu Hakusho), Tite Kubo (during his Zombie Powder time), Kentaro Miura (Berserk), Miwa Shirow (Dogs), Endling .

How many languages do you speak?
Four: German, English, Japanese, French. :>

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Good Bad News by Zombiesmile

Hello everyone,

I know I have been rather silent here for a while, so I want to update you guys a bit. First the good news: I have been happily working away at toning Crash’n’Burn volume 2, so now all that remains is toning two thirds, and lettering. (yay, the finish line is slowly approaching!)

The bad news is, I have experienced a setback concerning the release of Crash’n’Burn vol 1.

Once again my publisher has decided to push back the release date without telling me about their decision. This is the third time now, and it is getting rather frustrating for me also. Sadly I have not been given any reasons for their decision. Currently the release is supposedly February 2014. But the way things have been going, I cannot guarantee that it’s the last time it’ll be pushed back.

I hope you understand that I am in the same boat as you. We have no choice but to wait and see what happens.  
Thanks for supporting me all this time! ; __ ;


Sad Scott Kl by Zombiesmile

(Until february, feel free to check out my CnB Tumblr, Facebook or Twitter~)

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Today's Topic: Lining and base colouring [prize for GuardianoftheSword ]

Hey guys, 
streaming in a few minutes! pop in and chat with ume if you like~

Robu 2 by Emoji-kun

See you there.
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Hi everyone! Hallow by Emoji-kun

I've got some news!
As the title says, the show I started hosting in February has FINALLY started to post clips on youtube for everyone to see! No more regionlocks and annoying problems~

We're a per-click show, so me and my team totally appreciate likes/subs/and plain old clicks! Robu by Emoji-kun
I's still in German only, but I hope you might find some of it interesting anyway! We do bits about japanese culture, let's plays, reviews and also have guests (artists, voice actors, Lolitas, cosplayers, etc) over.

cheers! Heart Emote by Gasara
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Hey guys! 

hanging out in my chatroom again! 
If you're bored or so feel free to drop by. I will be working and chatting a little on the side. C:

See you there hopefully. ♥
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Hey guys, 
feel free to join me for a few hours of drawing stuff~

I will be colouring amd lining in Sai and Photoshop! 
Hai by Emoji-kun

Please be nice and also don't spam. 
I've got my mic on so feel free to chat, I will do my best to keep a conversation going. :'D

See you there!
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[Update: After 13 Days, they finally removed the image. ]

Hey guys,

a new Mini Comic sadly means, more theft over on 9gag. Like clockwork, someone stole the most recent one and reposted it here within minutes. 
I have had every single Mini Comic stolen so far without fail, and I feel that now I am forced to use more prominent and ugly watermarks  in the future. 

In general I don't mind when people share my art, as long as 1. no money is earned through the post (9gag makes about $13k a day through ad revenue with traffic generated by stolen material) 2. watermarks are not removed and people can find the source 3. people ask beforehand.
I have a Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, so on those sites I post most of my art anyway which people can simply retweet, reblog and share.

So far, 9gag has not made any effort in punishing theft, instead, they seem to encourage it since droves of teenagers steal and repost there daily. Often they don't react to my reports and complaints and some of my comics are still on there making them money.
If you frequent 9gag or come across stolen art/comics (by myself or others), please please report and tell the original artist about this. Maybe if enough people keep being persistent, eventually they might change their ways.

Thanks for reading my rant, and thanks for the support you guys have already given me on Twitter and facebook! U__U ♥

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Hey guys! 

Sorry to keep you all waiting, but the results are finally in. * ___* 
I must say, it was indeed incredibly tough  to pick ONLY THREE out of all these entries. (In fact, I was struggling with 7 favourites at the end...!)

Without further ado, here's the Winners: 

 :iconhyperchronic: Crash'n'Burn Entry by HyperChronic HyperChronic managed to include every single member of the CnB cast interacting with her OCs, adding in every panel little facts and jokes from the story, C'n'B blog doodles and FAQs. Great humour and fun read~ Congrats!

 :iconguardianofthesword:Got a light, mate? by GuardianoftheSwordGuardianoftheSword created the perfect setting in great lighting and portrayed all characters in a believable fashion. Interaction is subtle, but fits perfectly. Congrats!

 :iconsharp-ice:Crash'n'Burn contest 2013 entry by sharp-icesharp-ice made a silly, light hearted flash comic that had me laughing out loud. Despite the over the top scenarios, it's still true to the characters and a fun story to read. Congrats!

 :iconfarbtropfen: has won the randomised prize! Congrats!

Runner ups: Crash'n'Burn Contest Entry by M-3-1 Crash'n'Burn - could you just not?? by Laovaan Crash'n'Burn contest entry2 by JadedSihx Crash'n'Burn by Furby0305 
You guys have been so close to the top, it took me 5 judges to decide, because I simply couldn't do it. ; _ ; your entries are amazing, and it breaks my heart that I didn't have more prizes to give out to you. One thing I WILL offer though, is a pencil sketch each. ♥ Thanks for your amazing entries!

There have been of course, a lot of more entries that deserve to be mentioned, so here's a bunch of my personal favourites: 
CnB contest entry by Chiruzame Did you miss the sign? by DoYouLikeKetchup Friend? by Kuroi232  This is What You Don't Do by TheJohnsonDesign Stealing Tyler's guitar by babyjepux  t h e   A W A K E N I N G   [C'n'B Contest Entry] by Meicker Contest entry: Crash'n'Burn ft. Boritos by boritos Preshow Pranksters by jscstorm Contestcnb_Rock! by Schattencyra Crash'n'Burn contest by JadedSihx Sharing a bottle by Jasdavi Getting Inked by ArtCrawl ROCK IT by Goat13 Tea Biscuits by Akiyata Crashnburn 3rd contest entry by bundleofstring Crash'n'burn contest entry 2 by bundleofstring Jam Session by Himbeerfalter

All entries can be viewed here: >>> crash-n-burn-comic.deviantart.… <<<

My biggest thanks to every single one of you who worked hard and participated! Your contributions have had me laughing, aww-ing and just generally made my day. You guys are absolutely awesome! ^3^ THANK YOU!

To the winners: 
♥♥♥ Please send me a note with your requests for the original drawings (no rush) and we can alsso discuss how , when and where I should send your prizes. :3 ♥♥♥

Hi everyone! 

I am completely blown away by the amount and quality of the entries I have received, a huge THANK YOU to you all! (◡‿◡✿)
Now there's a few little things to take care of before I can start picking the winners, so the results might take a little while.

There are a handful of entries that have been handed in in time, but have not accepted the group request to be featured in the folder with the other entries. Please accept or resend the requests, or I can't let them count. I will wait until the end of this week, and hope it'll be in order then. (13 entries still in limbo!)

Gogogo! :la:


Entries so far: ♥♥♥ crash-n-burn-comic.deviantart.… ♥♥♥
(If yours is NOT featured here, please let me know)
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Hello everyone! 

Due to many requests, the Crash'n'Burn contest   deadline has been pushed back by one week, so it ends on the 27th of August. :3

Thanks for all the entries so far and keep em coming!
Good luck!

Hey hey, 
just doing a handful sketches on the side to help me pay some bills this month. :>

If interested, send me a note with a reference to your character (if you don't have art, please link me photos of outfits, hair or actors etc that come close!) and a few lines of mood/motif/details you wish I include. :3 If I accept, please pay the full amount via paypal to Remember to mention your DA name so I know who it's from! 

Chibi fullbody: $20 // additional characters: +$10
Waist-up sketch: $30 // additional characters: +$20
(If you are willing to wait longer, I am able to do lines/colours as well. just send me a note with your request and I will give you a quote.)

I will draw your character in pencils and then scan it at 300 dpi and send you a download link when it's done. ^3^

Sketch Commissions II by ZombiesmileSketch Commissions I by Zombiesmile

1. Open
2. Open
3. Open
4. Open
5. Open

Waiting list:

♦ drawings are for personal use only
♦ max size of group shots: 5 characters
♦ multiple slots can be taken
♦ I take reservations as well, but the slot must be freed up after 2 weeks
♦ if you have any questions, ask away. :3

Just a head's up: I am unsure how many requests I will get, so working through them might take some time.
Estimated turn around time is 1-2 weeks.

Thanks for your patience~

Mikiko ♥
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UPDATE: The Deadline has been extended to the 27th, due to popular demand. :3 You have one extra week to get those entries in! GOOD LUCK!

Hello everybody, it's time for a contest again! :'D 
With the release of my comic Crash 'n' Burn with Tokyopop in August, I thought the best way to grab people's attention is to throw a mega awesome contest out there, so here it is! 

The task is pretty easy: Draw your OC (one or more) interacting with one or more Crash 'n' Burn members!
Your OC can be a fan, a roadie, a rival, a friend, or just meet them somewhere by chance, you can think up any scenario you like~ The world/location is up to you, though the CnB crew live in our world, in our time. All mediums are allowed. Have fun!… Here's a gallery full of references you can use.… Here's all sorts of Tumblr Questions that have been answered about the band.

1. Send me a note with a link to your piece
2. Allow the group Crash-n-Burn-Comic to feature your piece in the contest entry folder.
3. Contest is open worldwide. (If your country has problems with post offices/shipping electronics, enter at your own risk!)
4. You can draw as many entries as you like, but only one can win.

♦1x Wacom Inkling (once used for reviewing…).
♦1x custom drawing of one or more character of your choice, background included. (worth $500 in commissions)
♦1x copy of Crash 'n' Burn vol.1, signed. (German)
♦1x limited CnB autograph card
♦1x special edition hardcover of 'Grimms Manga Sonderband', signed. (German)

♣1x Bamboo Stylus Mini for ipads & smartphones (Wacom)
♣1x  copy of Crash 'n' Burn vol.1, signed. (German)
♣1x  limited CnB autograph card.
♣1x special edition hardcover of 'Grimms Manga Sonderband', signed.  (German)
♣1x  custom drawing of one or more character of your choice, background included. (worth $400 in commissions)

♠1x copy of Crash 'n' Burn vol.1, signed. (German)
♠1x limited CnB autograph card.
♠1x special edition hardcover of 'Grimms Manga Sonderband', signed. (German)
♠1x  custom drawing of one or more character of your choice, background included. (worth $300 in commissions)

The Bonus prize is RANDOM. Anyone who joins can win it.
♥1x  custom sketch of a character of your choice. (A4, original)
♥1x  ACEO card with a motif of your choice. (original)
♥1x  Signed Animania Poster from issue 06-07 2013. (magazine not included… )

Midnight, <s>August 20th,</s> all timezones.  Extended to the 27th of August!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask, and I will open up a FAQ section. :3


If I want to draw a comic, what's the page limit?
Try to keep it under 10 pages, but I won't complain if it's more.

Does coloured work have an advantage?
Nope~ as long as the work is good, the colours don't matter.

Can I draw multiple of my OCs?
Yes, as long as the Crash'n'Burn crew is the focus and not a cameo on the side.

What if I don't have any OCs?
You can draw yourself, or a friend's then! Just make sure to get their permission first.

Contest entries so far: crash-n-burn-comic.deviantart.…


Thanks for the sub anon! ♥ I will do my best to use it wisely.


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Sorry to everyone not in Germany. Just giving some info on the next con I am attending!
[update: Ich werde auf der Dokomi auch bei WACOM am Stand sein! Uhrzeiten sind unten gelistet.]

Hi meine Lieben! * O*

Der Tokyopop Newsletter ist eben rumgegangen und jetzt ist es offiziell~
Ich bin dieses Mal auf der Dokomi (18-19. Mai, Düsseldorf) am Tokyopop-Stand anzutreffen!
Dazu kommt, dass Wacom mich ebenfalls eingeladen hat, und ich an ihrem Stand zeichnen werde. :}
Auch stehe ich für allerlei Fragen zu Verfügung!

Also hier das volle Programm:

11:00-12:00h bei Wacom
12:30-13:30h bei Tokyopop
15:30-16:30h bei Wacom

10:30-11:30h bei Wacom
14:30-15:30h bei Tokyopop
16:30-17:30h bei Wacom

Tokyopop Stand: A8, Wacom: A6!

Hurrah! \o/
Kommt vorbei, bringt Bücher, T-shirts, Poster, und Sonstiges mit, ich signiere alles! (Auch eure Oma wenn's sein muss!)
Ich freu mich schon. :D

Freue mich schon! Bis dann~
´ 3` -knutsch-

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Hey guys!

Just thought I'd share some of my favourite DA artists, especially those who don't seem to receive as much attention as they should. ' v' Give them some love!

:iconniking: full gallery:
Monkey Business by NikingStageplay by NikingRed Claw by Niking

:iconyogisha: full gallery:…
Hello,goodbye by YOGISHAAliceMargatroid by YOGISHABooks Beautiful by YOGISHA

:iconpepperin: full gallery:…
moths by pepperinTent by pepperinSwarm by pepperin

:iconyaphleen: full gallery:…
Crown by YaphleenDeer by YaphleenCloudy floor by Yaphleen

:iconbloodypepper: full gallery:…
Tiberia and Eleven by bloodypepperFuneral Flowers by bloodypepperLa Pera by bloodypepper

:iconnesmosfactory: full gallery:…
Univerne by nesmosfactory Ronces 1 p36 by nesmosfactoryRonces 1 p33 by nesmosfactory

:iconmatsukitchi: full gallery:…
Going to cafe by matsukitchiCoffee time by matsukitchiLibrary cafe by matsukitchi

There's of course a lot more, but this'll do for now. :>
Hope you'll find something you like.

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Hey guys,

I've gotten two or three print requests before but I never really liked how DA handles the shop stuff, so I ended up not offering anything here.
Recently I keep seeing amazing artists use Society6 ( for prints a lot, and it seems like an overall nice place for such things. Now I am playing with the idea of offering some stuff there instead.

Since people generally don't hit the 'request as print' button much, I was just curious how many of you would actually be interested in prints in the first place. ' o' Any experiences with Society6 in general?
Money's been tight for me these past months, so an extra income would help me, but I also don't want to set up something that people aren't really into. > -<

Please let me know your thoughts! ´u `♥